110 Things You Can Do In Five Minutes

Usually five minutes flies by unnoticed. But if we think about it, how many times a day or a week do we stand at the coffee pot or microwave, or zone out in front of the television for five or even 30 minutes just wasting time and potential? There are hundreds of things we can do instead that will make us feel great or that start to reign in all of the little things that need to be done. Here’s a starter list of 110 things that can be done, or at least begun, in just five minutes: 1. Read one or two articles in a magazine or online 2. Sort your sock drawer, tossing ones with holes and setting aside the singles 3. Delete junk emails, spam, or anything else that’s overflowing your inbox 4. Search for a list of in-season produce for your area online 5. Delete bookmarks you no longer want from your internet browser 6. Take out the garbage and recycling before they overflow 7. Have a snack without the guilt 8. Review your calendar for the week 9. Floss your teeth really well 10. Apply sunscreen if you’re going outside 11. Delete things from your Netflix (or other) account 12. Answer some emails, see how many you can get done 13. Color in an adult coloring book 14. Check your online bank balance for problems 15. Look at YouTube for a meditation or deep breathing video 16. Write a list of things you want to change about a specific room 17. Put a random word into Google search bar and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” 18. Buy movie tickets online 19. Give your pet(s) extra attention 20. Make a list of things that bring you joy so you can try to bring them into your life more often 21. Listen to a favorite song or two 22. Write a love note 23. Memorize an important phone number 24. Paint your fingernails or toenails, or try a new makeup trick 25. Clean out the bathroom cupboard of things you never use 26. Text an old friend or your kids 27. Make a list of things that annoy you and brainstorm solutions 28. Sort emails into folders, only keeping ones you need 29. Clean the mirrors around your house 30. Test your pens and markers for any that are out of ink 31. Sew a button back on something 32. Chop veggies for later, or plan your next big meal 33. Toss out old stuff from the refrigerator 34. Make a meal plan for next week 35. Photoshop pictures just for fun 36. Check your dreaded voicemail 37. Paint your dog’s toenails (okay, you might need extra time here) 38. Search for a new recipe 39. Write a journal entry 40. Sort your linen closet 41. Read a few pages in a book or on your kindle 42. Sort your pile of mail 43. Start a crossword puzzle or Sudoku 44. Rewrite your to-do list 45. Tidy one drawer 46. Dust around your television 47. Stand outside and do nothing but breathe 48. Clip your dog’s toenails 49. Learn how to make something with origami 50. Delete apps you never use 51. Research the benefits of laughing 52. Write a card or note to someone 53. Make a list of five things you’re grateful for 54. Clean the coffee carafe 55. Wash the inside of your car windows 56. Make your bed 57. Write a list of goals for a short time-period like a week or a month 58. Then write a bucket list or revise the one you have 59. Go through pics on your phone 60. Start a new “donate” box or fill up the one you have 61. Dust something you hate dusting 62. Try drawing something 63. Snuggle with a family member 64. Text someone to say you love or miss them 65. Do nothing but enjoy a cup of tea or coffee 66. Walk around the block 67. Write a thank you note 68. Send a fun picture to a friend 69. Play rock-paper- scissors with your kid 70. Clean out your wallet 71. Make a to-do list for your kids or partner 72. Buy a loved one a book online 73. Walk around the perimeter of your home 74. Play a game like Words With Friends online 75. Clean the garbage out of your car 76. Research the benefits of turmeric 77. Eat a bowl of cereal any time of the day except morning 78. Make plans with a friend 79. Start your Christmas list early 80. Make a silly meme from one of your photos online 81. Clean up your computer’s desktop 82. Look for holiday decorations on eBay 83. Light some incense or a scented candle and watch it burn 84. Clean out your medicine chest 85. Close your eyes for five minutes, we dare you! 86. Sing. Loudly. 87. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails 88. Sort your scarves, belts, and/or other accessories 89. Listen to a TED Talk 90. Buy someone a fun pair of socks online 91. Make that medical appointment you’ve been putting off 92. Do some random stretches 93. Pamper your feet with a soak and lotion 94. Pick up or clean out the coffee area or cabinet in your kitchen 95. Organize your writing utensils 96. Flip or turn your mattress 97. Tell someone how much you appreciate them 98. Pay a bill online 99. Make a new playlist of songs 100. Begin to learn Tai Chi with YouTube 101. Write out where you want to “be” in a year and then five years 102. Pet your neighbor’s wandering cat 103. Peruse your bookshelf and put some in the donation pile 104. Sweep one room you’ve been avoiding 105. Clean out your purse, backpack, or briefcase 106. Drink as much water as you can in five minutes 107. Clean out your junk drawer 108. Start planning a mini vacation 109. Randomly select a new word from the dictionary and commit it to memory 110. Walk up and down all of the stairs, see if you can keep it up for five minutes Need more time in you day call us today and let us do you dirty work