4 Reasons (Other Than Dirt) Why A Clean Home Is Important

While having a little dirt around the home is healthy for young children, there’s a big difference between household dirt and harmful, infectious disease causing germs. But we knew that already. There are at least four other reasons having a clean home is important as well: Unannounced Visitors and Repairmen From the plumber to friends or in-laws, when someone stops by unannounced or during an appliance crisis and your home isn’t up to par, you ultimately feel embarrassed or even ashamed. Others may not notice the clutter on your counter or the dust on your vanity when they stop by, but you sure do. Keeping on top of your housekeeping in advance of surprise visits allows you to breathe a sigh of relief when you answer that knock at the door. Holiday Preparations And Family Celebrations Just the decorating alone can be exhausting, but if you have to clear several corners and flat surfaces in your home in order to decorate or deep clean for hours to get ready for a party, you lose a lot of the fun surrounding major holidays and celebrations. Imagine having everything sparkling clean already when you pull out holiday boxes or party balloons. Your Mental Health And Family Harmony Coming home after a long day to a cluttered mess is more than disheartening. It can be downright depressing and anxiety-inducing as well as cause marital and family strife. Various sources online speak about the personal psychological effects of clutter and grime, but simply put, you and your family deserve (literally) a clean break from the stress and fighting over a messy home. In Case Of Emergency Natural disasters or health emergencies come without warning. No one likes to think about emergencies like these, but being prepared with a clean home can make a difference. When emergency crews arrive or friends and family need access to your home if you’re in the hospital, you’ll want to make it easy for them. If your space is cluttered, you may not only be embarrassed, but inhibiting the emergency crew from setting up their equipment and helping you quickly. Family may not be able to easily find your important paperwork or medications. And finally, helpers may need to go to your home to tend to your pets and children once or over an extended period of time, so having a clean home before an emergency truly helps them as well.