House cleaning can be a tedious job to many homeowners, wives and anybody who desires to stay in a decent and clean environment. The solution to making it easier is to have a house cleaning schedule. As the name implies, it is simply a plan on how to continuously keep your environment clean. A house cleaning schedule is a plan that is set up to get things done at the right time.

Procrastination is the main problem homeowner’s face when it comes to house cleaning. Because of no organized plan, people tend to post-pone the activities, thereby piling up the work load.

One of the advantages of having a house cleaning schedule is chores delegation to other members of the house/family.  Organizing your house cleaning schedule is a process. Every compartment in the house needs to be evaluated. Ranging from the rooms, bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, patio , veranda, etc.

When you have the rooms and other compartments in your house prioritized, the most important part of the house like the sitting room and master’s bedroom should be at the top of the list. Your house cleaning schedule should be created in a word processing software or spreadsheet. This will help you to perform edits when necessary.

You need to breakdown your house cleaning schedule into these five manageable chores grouped according to the frequency of cleaning


Your daily to-dos should come fist in your cleaning schedule. Some of the components of the daily chores should be

  • Dish watching: to minimize all sorts of insects, your dishes needs to be cleaned on daily bases. It will also help you to reduce germs that breed on unwashed dishes.
  • Making up the bed: this should be done as soon as you get up from the bed
  • Removing the trash: the trash cans should be cleaned up on daily bases
  • You need to tidy up the house by removing clothes and shoes to your wardrobe.

In creating a house cleaning schedule, identify which chores need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. Break down your cleaning tasks into manageable chores grouped according to the frequency of cleaning.

2)    Weekly to-dos

You should schedule a day every week for weekly chores which should be followed strictly. The following tasks should be included in the weekly chores

  • Mopping: mop the floors of-of your house on a particular day and vacuum wherever necessary. If you have other people staying in the same apartment, the mopping up should be shared.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets.

The carpets and rugs should be vacuumed on weekly bases. After doing that, you should polish the wooden furniture because the dust will get accumulated on your furniture


  • Clean up kitchen and bathroom:

All the kitchen components should be cleaned up every week. In addition to that, you should also clean up your bathroom by scrubbing the bathroom floors, walls, sink, toilet bowl, etc

3)    Monthly cleanup activities

Some cleanup activities should be scheduled to be done every month. Such as:

  • Washing the curtains
  • Thorough cleaning of refrigerators and ovens
  • Couch cleanup or vacuum

4)    Seasonal house cleaning

In every quarter of the year, you should perform thorough house cleaning jobs. Some of the recommended jobs are:

Throwing away some unnecessary items

  • Cleaning walls
  • Cleaning up the gutters
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning the ceiling fans and patio furniture

To successfully organize your house cleaning schedule depends on the size of the house, the corporation of the house inmates and your ability to set up the house cleaning as a top priority.
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