7 Clever Tips for Cleaning Window Blinds

7 Clever Tips for Cleaning Window Blinds


Here comes the summer sun! Summertime is calling us, with longer daylight.. Do not allow dirty or dusty window blinds stop you from enjoying a ‘clean’ outside view.

Home blinds get dirty as the time goes by. In addition, they typically aren’t the most convenient household item to dust. In this article, you’ll find the top 7 ideas for cleaning up those blinds.


  1. Make use of the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from each side of the blinds, under the lower rail, and also the home window sill. Shut the blinds, vacuum that side of the slats, delicately pushing the slat over so you would brush the whole thing. Shut them the other way around and also clean that side with the vacuum cleaner.


  1. Take an old glove or an old sports sock or even a microfiber cleaning glove slightly damped in a 50:50 mix of water and vinegar. Use this solution if your blinds are light-weight aluminum or plastic. Place the sock on your hand (or place one on each hand!) and also clean each slat in between your fingers and thumb, washing the sock in the vinegar/water combination as had to have.


You would want to use the water/vinegar method, however, make sure the sock is only a little damp and also very clean if you have wooden blinds. A completely dry cleaning solution with a little wood polish could be a much better option for this kind of window blinds.

Window with venetian blinds and white curtain in country style room

  1. Utilizing elastic bands, attach clean cloths to every side of a set of long-handled tongs as well as squeeze them to cleanse both sides of a slat at the exact same time. You could dry out dirt in this manner, moisten the towels within a cleaner of your selection, or spray them with furnishings polish, which will certainly assist ward off dirt for some time.


  1. For an effective dusting of lightweight aluminum or plastic blinds, take them down as well as take in a bathtub of cozy, soapy water. If had to have as well as wash in fresh water, clean the slats while immersed. You would partly dry out the blinds with a towel and afterward hang them back up outdoors placement to complete drying out. You might wish to position folded up towels on the home window sills till you’re particular the blinds will not leak. Or lay them outside to completely dry.


  1. Additional unclean blinds should be cleaned outside with a water hose. Take your blinds outside as well as lay them on a floor covering or carpet. Load a pail with soapy water. Utilize a scrub brush or sponge to scrub the blinds on both sides. Make use of a yard hose pipe to wash the blinds on both sides. Towel them off as well as rehang.


  1. Dusting regularly is the best option. When doing your routine cleaning, offer the blinds a swipe as well. Due to the fact that they’ll get between the cords a little bit, as well as the surface areas of the slats, a microfiber duster or a feather duster, are fantastic options for this fast touch-up. When you’re all set, cleaning blinds a lot more regularly makes it much easier to do a comprehensive cleansing.


  1. When the window blinds are not dusty, clean them with a textile conditioner sheet or wooden furniture polish to fend off dirt as well as pet dog hair in between cleanings. You should likewise gently spray shut blinds using Static Guard, readily offered in supermarkets, drug stores, and of course online.

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