9 Important Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

When moving, the last thing you’re motivated to do is a final home cleaning. But it’s necessary in order to get your full deposit back or make a good, welcoming impression on the new homeowners. Follow these 9 important tips for move-out cleaning: 1. If possible, wait until every box, bag of flour, and piece of furniture has been moved out so you can really evaluate and reach every nook and cranny. Your home should be as clean or cleaner than it was when you moved in. 2. Don’t be tempted to leave items behind to “help” the new owners or tenants. No cleaning products, area rugs, or pots and pans should be left. A roll of toilet paper in the bathroom or already installed light bulbs are useful, but the rest should go with you or be donated. 3. Pay attention to the walls. Depending on the staging for sale or your lease requirements, you may have already patched with spackle and painted, so that’s one less worry. But do check again for paw or fingerprints, candle smoke or cooking grime, rub marks from furniture, etc. 4. A spotless kitchen and bathroom are very important. Every drawer, cabinet, vent fan, and appliance should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. You may need to plan for extra time and muscle to clean the oven, and don’t forget the fridge and behind the toilet! 5. Windows, glass doors, shower doors, and permanent window treatments need to be completely clean, streak-free, and dusted. Check the tracks for flies, dirt, and soap scum too. 6. Dust the vents, baseboards, door frames, and light fixtures with a microfiber cloth, broom, or vacuum. 7. Check your patio and garden too. Everything should be swept, weeded, and look manicured when you leave. 8. Last on your list should be the floors so that they are spotless and you won’t be walking on them afterward. Deep clean from corner to corner with a rag and mop, and shampoo the carpets. 9. Due to the exhaustion of moving, your time constraints, and the sheer number of hours it takes to clean when moving out, you should get help to make sure it’s done quickly but efficiently. If you’re lucky enough to have available friends and family with strong arms and back, ask them to assist you. Otherwise consider hiring a maid service to make the place sparkling clean and ready for the walk-through or new homeowners. Durham and Chapel Hill Area Let us help you with your move in and move out house cleanings