Cleaning Tip 102 The Lint Roller

We all love a clean home and saving time while accomplishing this is even better.  That’s where today’s tip comes in.  It’s important when looking at a clean house to look at all the details not just basic vacuuming and dusting. Today’s tip involves the lint roller. When we think of a lint roller, normally images of running out the door, late for work and trying to get the dog hair off your favorite pair of black dress pants come to mind.  Well it has many other uses. Take the lint roller around the outside of your fabric lamp shades not only will they look so clean but the dust is trapped and won’t get on your furniture.  Use it to clean the fronts of your home theater speakers, those little fabric areas always like to collect dust and can be difficult to clean properly.  The lint roller is also perfect for saving time getting dust of the tops of your curtains quickly with out making a mess.  I hope you will find this really helps get those little details clean and fast, because a clean house is always about the details.  

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