Cooking & Cleaning With Coconut Oil

Sometimes there are things lying around our kitchen or the local market that are healthy, handy, and helpful for a variety of home and body uses. One such item is coconut oil! While there are several health and beauty remedies you can find using coconut oil, we’re focusing this blog on things you can use it for around your home and in your food preparation.     Household Uses For Coconut Oil A household remedy if you will. Check out these extraordinarily simple ways coconut oil keeps your home healthy and fresh day after day.  
  1. Gum Removal
Have kids? This might just come in handy in a pinch. You can use coconut oil to remove gum from hair, carpets or another flooring, and furniture with less aggravation. Apply the coconut oil fairly thickly around the gum and let it soak in. Removal then should be simpler and there shouldn’t be any tears or stains left behind.  
  1. Coconut Oil Hand Soap & Laundry Detergent
Making your own homemade soap can be fun and rewarding. There are plenty of resources online and at the library or book shop to choose recipes and learn how. You can also purchase supplies like lard or lye online and essential oil fragrances of your choice. Combine coconut oil into your recipe and voila! Great for the skin!   Likewise, research a bit and then combine coconut oil with lye, water, and essential oils for use in your washing machine. This makes a non-toxic soap that’s perfect for people with sensitive skin or healthy living goals. Reduce your contact with chemicals and artificial scents for both your health and for the longevity of your clothes and towels since the fibers will not break down as fast as they do with store-bought laundry soaps.  
  1. Prevent Dust & Rust
This will need to be spot checked before you do the entire surface, but it’s an effective dust preventer on many surfaces in your home, including cement, plastic, wood, and possibly tile and grout. Using a cloth, rub a small amount of coconut oil over the surface and allow it to air dry. There’s no need to buff it out after on most surfaces, there’s no staining, and coconut oil will not attract bacteria build-up.   Before you pull out the heavy-duty spray can try coconut oil for rejuvenating and preventing rust. Shine your silverware, or try rubbing a thin layer on then buffing or spraying down your outdoor metal furniture or other metals in your yard. Even car parts!  Rub some oil on your silverware, outdoor metal furniture, car parts, or anything else that is metal and prone to rusting.  
  1. Polishing Furniture & Shoes
Get more wear out of your leather and heels with coconut oil. Shine shoes with a cloth and the oil to make them look newer and hide scars and other blemishes. Likewise, you can use coconut oil on metal, wood, and granite countertops to cover scratches, shine, rejuvenate, reduce dust as mentioned above, and generally make everything new fresh, clean, and newer.  
  1. Coconut Oil In Your Diffuser
Using coconut oil and essential oils in an oil diffuser means you can choose the scent you love and burn a healthy oil instead of a chemical-laden scented candle. In this way, coconut oil is considered a carrier oil and you can purchase essential oils online or in nearly every home good store, pharmacy, and health shop.  
  1. Bypass the WD-40
What a smell and oily, staining grime that WD-40 delivers! Try coconut oil first. Rub it on “stuck” metal chains, zippers, or whatever else needs a hand in loosening.   Coconut Oil For Food & Drink We found some great uses for coconut oil in the kitchen, from food and drinks to energy boosters and way more. Check out some healthy options for using coconut oil as a healthy addition to your diet and cooking regimens.  
  1. Add Nutrition To Your Smoothies
Coconut oil has research-backed nutritional properties that help you fight cholesterol and more. Adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your favorite fruit smoothie gives it a better texture and a healthy boost.  
  1. Coconut Oil As A Coffee Creamer
Blending coconut oil into your coffee with a natural sweetener replaces dairy, adding a natural energy booster and health benefits. Coconut oil offers a creamy, smooth-textured, healthy option.  
  1. Natural Energy Options
We found sources online that stated using coconut oil with chia seeds is a mild and natural energy booster for your afternoon or post-workout. Sources suggested that while chia seeds boost performance and endurance, coconut oil aids in the digestion and metabolizing of the chia seeds. We suggest mixing 1 tablespoon coconut oil with a ½ tablespoon of chia seeds and spreading it on crackers or healthy bread or swallow it straight off the spoon. To make it an energy drink, add coconut oil and chia seeds to water with fresh sliced fruit.  
  1. Non-Stick Cooking Spray For Sautéing and Frying
Make clean-up and healthy cooking choices easy peasy when you melt a teaspoon or two of coconut oil into your pan instead of using chemical-laden non-stick cooking sprays. Cooking with coconut oil on high heat settings is healthier than other oils like olive oil due to its healthy saturated fats that continue to remain stable under the high temperatures you need in the frying pan or wok.  
  1. Bake With Coconut Oil
Not only can you use coconut oil to grease baking sheets and cake pans for easy end results, but unbelievably you can bake with it too! Replace unhealthy fats like butter or vegetable oil with the same amount of coconut oil in your baked goods like pie crusts and biscuits. You can freeze coconut oil if you need to spoon in a chilled fat.  
  1. Use Like Butter On Toast & Oil For Popcorn
You’ve probably heard of people spreading avocado as a healthier option to butter on their toast and bread. If you want something lighter, try coconut oil instead of butter and you might find the light coconut flavor pleases your taste buds. Likewise, try popping corn kernels in coconut oil for a healthier option than other oils. Drizzle more on the top of your popcorn and add sea salt for a delicious snack.   For More House Cleaning Tips Visit Our Website