Difference Between a Professional Cleaning Company and a Private Individual

When making the decision to hire someone or a company to clean your home sometimes we can get shortsighted and focus only on price. While agreeably price should be a factor it should not be the only factor or even the most important as you putting your trust in this person or company with one of your most valuable possession your home. A private individual may seem like a good idea from a price stand point at first, but before you do consider the following.
Make sure the company you use runs a detail background check. While not fool proof it’s a good place to start in the screening process in making the right selection. If you are hiring someone an individual yourself don’t trust that they are doing this for you. A little prevention can go a long way. Do they carry insurance? If so which types? I would recommend ensuring the company you select carries full worker compensation (required by state law), General liability and bond. Again if going with a private individual insure they are covered. Request a certificate of insurance. Don’t just assume they are covered. It’s all fine when things are going smooth but if an accident happens you need to know you are covered otherwise it could fall back on your homeowners insurance. What is the management and office staff like? Does not seem to be an huge issue on the surface but having your home cleaned is a convenience. If you can’t get assistance or scheduling help when needed it can be frustrating taking away some of the benefits of the convenience. If you are hiring a individual ask about their plans if they are sick and can’t service your home or if you need a fit in cleaning before visitors or a party. Cleaning is cleaning, Right? Well… It all boils down to having the proper system. Whether that is training, equipment supplies and organization it all flows to getting the home cleaned properly. Vet out your private individual before you hire ask the some questions. See how long they have been cleaning. Ask for references. Ask them where they would start cleaning your home and a general description of how they work. Sometimes the answers can be real eye openers.

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