Some Fun, Some Healthy, Some Easy – But All Yummy! Frozen Summer Treats

There are so many kinds of frozen treats to have on hand or make yourself this summer. And simply freezing something does not make it unhealthy in any way. From this article at, “Freezing doesn’t affect the calorie count, the fiber content, or the amounts of minerals. It can make a difference with a few vitamins, such as folate and vitamin C. But, most of the nutritional value will be maintained after freezing.”


So go ahead and freeze away! You deserve a treat.


Keep It Simple

Frozen fruit! Period. Freeze small grapes or blueberries, chunks of pineapple, mango, watermelon, and other melons, peaches, etc. Warning, sometimes apples do not do so well in the freezer. However, pretty much any of your everyday fruits that you love, in bite-sized chunks make the perfect quick but healthy treat with only its natural sugars and nothing else added! Canned fruit works too, but you’ll have to decide if you want the extra sugars from those.


Try just a few at a time until you know for sure that you love them. Keep some in a small, easy-to-open container or baggie in the freezer for when you’re hot or craving something sweet. You can actually keep them for about 6+ months in the freezer, but the sooner you eat, the better. If they’re not great for eating with your fingers any longer, don’t waste them! Use them up in a fruit smoothie.


Avocado slices or chunks can be frozen too. It’s a fun, buttery, interesting texture and flavor to pop in your mouth, especially if you’re not in the mood for fruit.


Use Pop Molds And Ice Cube Trays

So simple and easy, just get pop mold trays from almost anywhere and freeze your favorite yogurt for a quick, frozen treat. Applesauce works well if you can find small ice cube trays for bite-sized frozen applesauce drops.


Root beer or another favorite drink punch, lemonade, etc work well in pop molds as well.


Okay, Maybe Not As Healthy

But still so delicious! Take a cheesecake, brownies, chocolate cake, fruit pie, or any similar desert and slice it into bite-sized chunks. Also great are Peppermint Patties or peanut butter cups cut in half, your favorite kind of chocolate chips, donut holes, or gummy worms work too. Store in a container in the freezer or covered ice cube trays for a delicious, bite-sized, decadent snack you deserve on a ridiculously hot day.


Don’t Forget The Doggo!

“The hot and humid days of summer always warrant an ice cold treat, and that goes for your dog too!” If your dog is like so many others, they LOVE watermelon and would think a frozen watermelon treat is a fantastic idea. Have fun with these recipes for 5 Frozen Dog Treats You Should Make for Your Dog This Summer:


Also fun to note, in that recipe list, there’s a frozen yogurt treat that’s great for the humans too! They say, “The best thing about these yogurt-based pupsicles is that kids (and adults) love them too. That’s right, they’re made from ingredients that taste great regardless whether you’re human or canine. With only two steps, this recipe will have the whole family salivating and begging for more with barely any effort on your part.”


Want More Healthy or Decadent Treat Ideas For Humans?

Follow along! We’ve rounded up some great recipes and ideas for you online. You don’t have to be a kid to love frozen summer treats!


Check out this article on 18 Frozen Treats You Can Enjoy Without an Ice Cream Maker

“If you haven’t tried that magical one-ingredient banana ice cream, now is the time (Nutella optional but recommended). Then there is the bright crush of juicy, slushy sorbets and popsicles, not to mention milkshakes; go traditional with sublime strawberry or shake it up with banana cream pie.”


Top 10 – Best Ever Simple and Easy Healthy Frozen Treats

“Frozen treats are a favorite summer dessert. My family could eat ice pops and ice cream all day every day and be happy.  Now, if it’s something light and healthy that I can happily feed my child, then I’m a happy mama.  Check out our favorite recipes for simple and easy healthy frozen treats.”



Scroll through ice cream, smoothies, sorbet, and more! Try a unique combo of pineapple and cherry paletas, or real watermelon popsicles that they say have “No high-fructose corn syrup in these pops; just puree some watermelon and freeze!” They have bright red raspberry coconut popsicles that are naturally sweetened with coconut milk and honey too. There are about 50 different treat ideas that are completely adorable, delicious, and doable at home in your own kitchen, with or without your kids.


Popsicles and Frozen Treats

This page has a picture for each and description of what you’ll find when you click on them. Here are just some of their pages of yummy summer offerings:


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