Healthy Recipes On Pinterest

  Healthy recipes can be found by the thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) online, but it’s always fun to come across a few to add to your collection from a blog such as ours at Tidy Maid. We have begun to post recipes or health blogs each month, so bookmark us for a rainy day!   This week we wanted to have some fun with Pinterest recipes. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest yet, let’s have a look! Pinterest can be found at and people of all ages are there, happily pinning their lives away. You can find information, ideas, and recipes for pretty much anything you could ever dream of; it’s like a fun search engine with like-minded people. Pinterest is a free website where you set up an account to use from your phone or PC. You can then upload, save, sort, and manage your pins with clicks of your mouse or swipes and pokes. It’s a great online way to save your favorite recipes too.   So head over to Pinterest with us now and you can either type in what you’re looking for, such as “healthy recipes” or “healthy dinner recipes” or to make it even easier, simply click to browse. You will immediately see an endless number of images that have been “pinned” by other users on their “boards”. You can follow those boards that interest you or do a general search anytime. Also at this link, you will find “food categories” at the top that include things like clean eating, healthy chicken recipes, etc.   Now simply scroll down and click around. It’s a definite rabbit hole of thousands of ideas and recipes for healthy eating from all over the world and the Internet, all in one place, with amazing images and ease. No more searching on Google just to find the same few websites listed at the top. Pinterest is a huge collective of web pages and blog posts you may never have found otherwise.   So as you scroll and browse the search results, you’ve probably chosen an image that looks like something you might like to try. This time, let’s go to the pin called One Bowl Healthy Banana Bread at ( On this Pin’s page you can choose to “Share” this pin with friends who are also on Pinterest or to your other social media accounts, “Pin it” to your own Board, and/or “Follow” the host of the pin, which in this case happens to be “Organize Yourself Skinny | Healthy Make-ahead meal prep recipe for weight loss”. If you keep scrolling you’ll also find “Related Pins” with a lot of other similar baked goods.   Usually on a Pin you only get a summary of the recipe/idea, so you will again click on the image, and then you’re redirected to the website or blog that hosts the full recipe and instructions. One of the bonuses to finding access to bloggers and personal websites like this on Pinterest is that you often get a full review on the recipe, how it’s been changed, etc. You get access to details about healthy recipes that you don’t usually get from the big recipe websites that come in at the top of search results. And quite often you can post questions in their comment section and get replies from the person who posted the recipe.   At this particular healthy banana bread Pin’s host page, the author posts plenty of her own personal photos and anecdotes about the process of making the bread and describes more in-depth details pertaining to the recipe, suggested uses, and/or how she changes some ingredients. For instance, she says, “I start by mixing together the eggs, mashed banana, Greek yogurt, and melted butter. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of banana. This is usually 3-4 bananas depending on the size. I’ve also used 1/3 cup melted coconut oil in place of the butter and that works too.”   Also to note, as you scroll and browse the listings of healthy recipes on Pinterest, you’ll also be enticed to click on sponsored ads. They’re clearly ads but do not interrupt your fun Pinterest time, or take up to much space, or demand you click on them to keep going. They seamlessly blend into the other pins on the board, so there’s none of that annoying, blinking, demanding advertising you get on some other free services and websites. And who knows, you might just find something you hadn’t heard of before or a good deal you want to take advantage of.   Now keep scrolling and you’ll continue to find everything from the simplest snack ideas like “Apple Slice Cookies” (not really cookies!) from a blogger mom in Ontario, Canada, to low carb chicken stuffed peppers posted by a fitness coach. You’ll find Weight Watchers recipes, Whole 30 chicken chili, crock pot recipes, Paleo Diet recipes, and healthy slow cooker recipes galore. There’s a delicious sounding Roasted Parmesan Carrots recipe from a website called I Heart Naptime, a self-described “food and lifestyle blog sharing easy and delicious recipes, tips, crafts and entertaining ideas to help families create unforgettable moments.”   There are tons of delicious recipes to soothe your cravings too like Healthy Lemon Raspberry Frozen Yogurt that’s made in 5 minutes. There’s also a drink called “Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint Infused Water” from someone named Cassie who says she wants to help you eat better and believes eating whole foods can change your life and “you can do it without losing your mind, going broke, or eating like a bird.” Sounds good to us!   Certainly you can “waste” a lot of time on Pinterest, but it’s a great hobby without any mess, very enjoyable, and an easy way to organize your recipes and wish lists for the future. You will learn a lot and immediately expand your capacity to find amazing, yummy, healthy recipes to try for all meals and snacks, in all seasons. You’ll find things you never dreamed of! For More Household or Cleaning Tips Visit our Website