Why You Should Hire The Cleaning Company And Not The Coupon Price

When considering a professional cleaner, it’s tempting to go with the lowest price and possibly a referral service for independent contractor housekeepers instead of a small, local business. While we understand the motivation to save money on anything you buy or anyone you hire, sometimes you truly do get what you pay for.   Should you choose a “real” house cleaning service like Mighty Maids of Durham Chapel Hill, you get more than what you invest financially. You get an ethical, local business that vets and highly train their happy staff. With a business that hires its own employees like ours does, you get great customer service because we care about our business and want to keep clients for life. We ensure you are visited by trustworthy, long-term employees with management to ensure quality control and consistency in their work ethics and practices. What’s more, you support your local economy and a small family business too.   While a referral service’s overhead is lower, allowing them to offer cheaper rates and deals, a service that hires independent contractors has little stake in your satisfaction and literally zero control over the work that contractor does. Instead, our company as legal employers has the “legal right to control the details of how the services are performed” and therefore a duty to manage our employees and check for the quality control and consistency that you will come to rely on.   If you’ve had a housekeeping service before, or have spoken to someone who has hired maids in the past, you know that no two are alike. With a referral service, there’s even less control over your satisfaction and you’re not given the guarantee you want and need. There’s no real need for them to serve you well and there’s no checks and balances for their contractors. With a service like ours at Mighty Maids, the price is not bargain basement, so neither is the service that’s provided.   We do however strive to provide you with the best house cleaning service at competitive rates, and everything is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so let us explain a bit of the reason why our rates are set where they are.     What Does It Take To Run A Maid Service Right?   We use professional grade cleaning products and professional equipment like Oreck and Hoover vacuums to service your home, at our cost. Likewise, employees must be trained to use these products and equipment and to clean according to our high standards of effective and efficient cleaning methods to best serve our customers. We know that each employee is unique in their skill set and individuality, but we strive for across the board consistency and high-quality service.   We provide you with highly skilled and trained employees that must work in a very physical job that requiring strength, energy, endurance, and stamina. They must possess attention to detail, pride in their work, and a personality that matches our vision for great customer service. So in order to attract the right employee, this is not a minimum wage job to begin with.   Mighty Maids of Durham and Chapel Hill is a proud member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) which is the leading professional association for the home cleaning industry. Their purpose is to support and educate business owners in running a professional cleaning business as well as providing you, as a consumer, a professional and quality cleaning experience. We use their guidance as well as our years of experience to train our staff and ensure you’re well taken care of.   Adding in payroll taxes, workers compensation, and liability insurance raises the overhead for employers greatly. To break it down for further understanding, employers are required to withhold specific city, county, or school district taxes, 6.2% Social Security Tax, 1.45% Medicare tax, state disability or unemployment insurance contributions as well as federal and state unemployment taxes and 7.65% towards FICA.   Worker’s Compensation Insurance isn’t often spoken about to clients, but it’s very important that your cleaning service carries this for its employees. A referral service for independent cleaning contractors, or some other small cleaning companies ignoring the legalities of mandatory insurance, do not cover Worker’s Comp and therefore if someone is injured cleaning your home, you would possibly be liable to pay thousands of dollars for their medical care. Even if you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance that covers visitor injuries, it does not cover someone hired to work for you in your home should they be hurt on the job.   Also to note, a cleaning company that claims to be “licensed, bonded, and insured” is great, unless they are those things for their own benefit and not for yours. You could end up paying thousands of dollars while their company is protected from any liability or dishonest employees.   Furthermore, for expenses of a small cleaning service, under the United States Fair Labor Standards Act, our employees must be paid for their travel time, or any time between when they arrive at their first work location until the time they’re scheduled to go home during any activities related to their work.   And finally, as a small business, there are other considerations like the cost of office space, managerial staff, office staff and much more. One of which comes back to how we choose our employees:   We perform time-consuming and costly background checks on our employee hopefuls since they may be in your home while you’re away, we prefer that they have good social skills for best customer service and that they are comfortable and capable of cleaning with pets in the home. We carefully screen, interview, manage, and train our Durham and Chapel Hill area house cleaners to the best of our ability to keep you safe and happy as a satisfied customer. This is time and money you don’t have to spend to hire a maid on your own.   We Are Worth A Few Dollars Extra   To ensure you’re not taken advantage of by a company whose only interest is in serving themselves, don’t be swayed by sticker shock. The service, guarantees, and insurance carried by a business such as ours are well worth the cost and peace of mind, the exemplary cleaning, and high standards. We will do everything we can to prove that to you every single time we enter your home or answer your