Now that you are pregnant – you are not expected to do most things as was obtainable before. That does not mean you cannot do normal house chores like dish watching, vacuuming, and cleaning. But you need to be more careful and play safe. Don’t expect the doctor to tell you how to run your everyday life because it is not their job responsibility. Redistributing the home chores when your pregnancy is getting matured will go a long way to relieving you from stress. Though we encourage you to be active during pregnancy, you need to desist from some activities like cleaning the ceiling fan and lifting heavy loads. Your center of gravity is imbalanced since you are pregnant, so you have more risk of falling. The first and third trimesters are significant for feelings of exhaustion. Therefore you need to reallocate your house cleaning chores by reducing It’s frequency and regulate the timing so you don’t spend all day doing few cleaning activities. Like everyone who gets a positive test for pregnancy, you wish all your house chores will disappear. Alas, it won’t be, rather; this is the time to plan how to handle your house cleaning and other activities. Some of the tips below will help. Reduce chemical smell. The smell of some cleaning detergents may be irritating for a pregnant woman, and they may cause damages to your unborn baby. Therefore, we will advice you to go green or buy the most expensive detergents or watching liquids that are safer. Read labels Your condition is very sensitive. You are running a risk of having a miscarriage or your carelessness may cause harm to the baby you are carrying. Though reading labels are traditional, we skip it sometimes. You need to read the labels and all other precautions written on any house cleaning detergent you want to use. Please stay away from anything labeled “toxic” they may be injurious to you baby whose immune system is not yet strong. Aerosol sprays may easily be inhaled, so don’t use it for any reason whatsoever. Mixing ammonia and bleach can produce toxic fumes, therefore desist from such practices. Use gloves. Though It’s not compulsory for a pregnant woman should use gloves while cleaning the house, It’s a way of preventing the absorption of any chemical through your skin. After cleaning any section of the house, watch your hands thoroughly assuming you are not using gloves. Please, more ventilation You need to keep the windows open for the room to be ventilated whenever you are doing the house cleaning. Your sense of smell has been heightened so the environment you are working should have some air. Assuming you are cleaning a bathroom with a small window that will not allow enough air, you should keep the doors open just for the place to be thoroughly ventilated. More of dusting may help Not comfortable in homemaking? Dusting and vacuuming may come in handy. You have an advantage of not getting to inhale any chemicals. If the house is so dusty, you need to get a face mask that will help cover your nose. Get Help. Every woman’s condition during pregnancy cannot be the same. If you have checked that working with the pregnancy is much of a burden to you, we recommend you to get help by hiring professional house cleaners. Doing this will help you to have some rest and channel your energy to other endeavors. Getting house cleaning service companies is not that expensive. Our services are very affordable, and we promise to give you a mouthwatering discount if you contact us now.