The Step By Step Method To Organizing Your Home


The Step By Step Method To Organizing Your Home


When it comes to home organization it can seem like a very daunting task. Just like with any big project you have to break it down into manageable sections. You’re never going to accomplish the entire task in one weekend so you have to know that going in.


Most people give up on the task of organization before they even start because they know it’s going to take a lot of work and effort. By breaking down the job of home organization into smaller tasks separated by rooms you’ve already set yourself up to win this battle. Like the old saying goes “You can’t eat the elephant in one bite.”

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Start with a smaller room. Never start with your living room. Find a room in your house that needs to be organized. Maybe it’s a home office, a playroom, or even a bathroom. It’s best to start with a room that is not that messy that way it’s a quicker way to finish the room, and it builds up steam to help push further into “eating that elephant!”


Visualize the room being organized


Once you’ve picked the room that you want organized, start visualizing what that room will look like once it’s finished. Will you keep all the major furniture or have you been itching to toss out that old recliner?


Get a visual in your head of what the room would look like ideally if it was organized. Is the room missing something that you need to help it get organized such as bookshelf or a cubby cabinet to store things? This is why visualizing is so important you have to know what you need and what you don’t need so you can take action in the next step.


If you’re visualizing something new to put in the room, make sure it serves an organizational purpose. We’re trying to de-clutter and organize not buy new crap to shove in this room and make it look pretty. We want it to be functional and great looking!


Take Action


Now that you know which room you want to organize and how you want it look. Now it’s time to take action, get out your silverware to take a bite of that elephant!


The best way to take action is remove everything from the room. Then slowly put things in there that you must have. Remember, it has to serve a purpose in the room or otherwise it’s just clutter.


If you have lots of little odds and ends combine them in an organized manner. If you have lots of papers put them in folders and organize the folders appropriately. If you’re working on an office then you typically have a desk and a chair.


If you’re working in child’s playroom make sure and organize their toys into similar groups. Whether it sports stuff, dolls, or furniture, everything must have a place.


That’s the key to home organization, everything must have a predetermined place and making sure they get put back into their designated place when you’re finished using them.


By following these three simple tips your house will start taking shape and soon the entire thing will be a organized machine. Remember organizing is not only about creating a place for everything, but ‘replacing’ everything. Just a little maintenance here and there keeps you from having to completely re-organizing the entire room six months down the road!

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