Take Small Steps When Organizing Your Home

Take Small Steps When Organizing Your Home

Many people see home organizing as chore that will take a lot of time and the family would mess it all up before it was completed. Their lives are busy and maintaining an organized home takes a back seat. They think, “When my kids are gone I will be more organized.”


Would it surprise you if I told you that home organization can actually save you time and make your life less busy?


It is true! Count the minutes of your 24-hour day that you spend looking for things and picking up things. If you could save that time for something else, wouldn’t your life be easier? Would your home be cleaner? Would you have more relaxation time on your hands?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding “Yes”, but how do you get there?

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[gdlr_column size=”2/3″]Start small: When you look around your house at all the clutter or less-than-perfect organization, it can be overwhelming. I suggest that you start with something small, like dresser drawers or a closet. Organize it and develop the habit of keeping it organized. Once you have mastered the task, it is time to move on.[/gdlr_column]



Take it on room by room (or space by space): Believe me, you cannot organize a whole house in a weekend. You can; however, organize most rooms in a day or two. Set an organization schedule and stick to it. For instance, this weekend I will organize my closet, next weekend my bedroom, etc. Make sure that your goals are realistic to prevent yourself from getting discouraged.


Involve the family: If you get them to help, they will appreciate all the work that is put into organizing a home which will most likely increase their commitment to keeping it organized.


Assess the situation: What belongs in the space you are organizing? What organization supplies will you need? What can be relocated to another room? Get a vision of how you want the room or storage space to look.


Do some research: By visiting a home organization website, you will get ideas of how to organize certain things and the supplies that will be needed to accomplish your goals. It will make your vision more clear. You will give up the dread of doing it and become excited about getting it done.


Secure the supplies that will be needed: The task will go quicker if you have the organization supplies on hand. You may run across some items that require a space that were not identified in your initial assessment, but that is okay. A trip to store can resolve that problem.


Just do it: Procrastination is not your friend. An organized home is nice to live in; it reduces stress and saves time. An easier life is on the horizon, shoot for it!


The best way to organize a room is to move everything out, sort things and then move back in. However, sometimes that is not practical. Look for information about organizing a home room by room or space by space before you get started.

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