Meet The Team

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– Assistant Manager/Training Manager:
Shannon is a native of North Carolina. She loves attending concerts with friends. She has 2 wonderful kids. She enjoys taking her kids to the movies, bowling and skating. She also loves to shop.She has been with us for two years. Her customer love her and her attention to detail.


- SR Team Leader/Supplies and Equipment Manager:
Sandie has lived in North Carolina her whole life. She enjoys watching HGTV (Home Improvement) TV shows. She really likes watching Grave Yard Cars and Street Racers. She loves hot rod cars and loves her Dodge Challenger almost as much as her three grown children. She also enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren. She has been with The Mighty Maids for over 5 years.

Marissa Team Leader

Marissa is a native of Durham. She loves to shop and spend time with family and friends. She has 2 wonderful boys.She enjoys days in the park with them and there family dog.

Tara Team Leader

Tara grew up in the Creedmoor area. She enjoys reading and spending time outdoors. She has three children. Tara has been with The Mighty Maids for three years. She is always willing to give her co workers an extra hand when needed. She likes to read and go on walks and spend time with loved ones.

Heather Team Leader

Heather is from the Wilmington North Carolina area. She is married and has one dog named Sugar Bear. She enjoys spending time with him and reading.

Melissa Team Leader

Melissa has been with The Mighty Maids for well over a year. She is a military brat from the great state of Alaska. She has two wonderful children. She enjoys reading in her spare time.

Nichole Team Leader

Nichole is from Mocksville, NC. She enjoys living in the country areas surrounding Durham. She has the two most wonderful dogs, Midnyte and Shadow. She likes to take them on long walks and playing catch with them.

Rosa Team Member

Rosa is from right here in Durham. She has one dog that is her baby. She enjoys cooking and weekend family

Daphne Team Member

Daphne is from West Palm Beach. Her baby is named James. In her free time she likes to go fishing take walks, and playing basketball with friends.

Hailey Team Member

Hailey is from Michigan originally. She has 4 dogs and 1 cat. She enjoys going to the lake and spending time with family and friends.

Edith Team Member

Edith is a North Carolina native. She has 11 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with them, and playing kickball. When not spending time with them she enjoys her 2 wonderful dogs

Tia Team Member

Tia is a great new addition to the team. She has a daughter and loves to sing at her church. She also has one sweet little dog that she loves to play fetch with.

Sarah Team Member

Sarah is a small town girl from the big city of Creedmoor, NC. She likes to go to the rodeo. She has a total of 8 horses herself. Her favorite thing is to make those around her happy.

Candace Team Member

Candace is a great new addition to our team. She likes to travel, and spend time with her children and husband. Her favorite saying is “when life gets dusty I have the Swiffer

Chelsea Team Member

Chelsea is a native of Raleigh. She loves a cooking, drawing, and traveling. She has one dog she enjoys spending time with.