8 Things You Should Ask Your House Cleaning Company

1.) Ask them is they use W 2 employees  It may not seam like a big deal on it’s surface but by using independent contractors companies will lose a lot of control in the quality and value of their service.  Also These independent contractor may not be carrying the proper insurance. We here at The Tidy Maids hire only the best W 2 Employees   2.)Are You Insured and Bonded?  This make a huge difference and separates the Professionals from the amateurs.  Never let anyone into your home that does not carry the following General Liability, Bond, and Workers Compensation coverage. Here at the Mighty Maids we carry all of the above.   3.) Do they have a written  guarantee?  Anyone can say they have a guarantee, but to avoid confusion down the road it is always best to get it in writing as the old saying goes. Our guarantee can be found on our website under the services tab or By Clicking HERE   4.)Are they a member of any professional organizations?  May not seam like a big deal, but that attention to detail and commitment to ongoing training says a lot about a company. The Mighty Maids are a member of ARSCI The Association of Residential cleaning Companies International.  To  Learn more about ARCSI Click HERE  
5.)  Are they Locally Owned and Operated and have professional management on site each day.  Lets face it local owners just tend to care more.  Also good management is important should an issue arise, the need to reschedule an appointment etc. The Mighty Maids is local owned and operated and we are here to sever our community.     6.)  Do they require a contract.  No one wants to get locked in to a lengthy term contract.  Should the need arise you may need to stop or hold your service for a while lets face it life happens. We here at The Mighty Maids do not require a contract.  We simple ask are customer to follow our terms of service found on our website under services or by Clicking HERE  
7.) What kinds of products and equipment do they use.  There all kinds of cleaning services out there. Some like to skimp in this area.  Ask what brands they use? Are the commercial Grade? We here at The Mighty Maids use Oreck and Hover vacuums , and Proctor and Gamble Professional grade cleaning products.  Some of the best in the industry.    8.) Do they work with any charities?  May not make a huge difference in your home, but goes to show how much they care about those around them. We work with Cleaning for a Reason. A great organisation that helps provide free cleaning for those under going treatment for cancer.  Learn more about them by clicking the link from our website or by clicking HERE

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